PC sales headed for 400 million in 2013

Apple’s Post-PC Era claim is more marketing hubris than fact with PC shipments 6 times higher than iPad

Unit sales 2012 - (Chart - Aquilium Group)

By Stephen Pate – At the new iPad announcement, Apple CEO Tim Cook called this the “Post-PC era.”

In terms of real market size, Apple’s claim of the demise of the PC doesn’t hold up. Continue reading

Unlimited smartphone plans are history

Rising user demands with iCloud, Siri and streaming music push telecoms to cap plans

Illustration Apple Computer

Every time Siri answers a question or iCloud streams another tune, you are clogging up the 3G/4G bandwidth.

3% of smart phone users are the culprits according to Nielsen. 97% of smart phone users used less than 2 GB per month in the first half of 2011. Continue reading

Tablet Market Diversifying Away From Apple’s iPad

Android and Blackberry have already made deep in roads in the iPad’s presumed invincibility Windows 8 is poised to make an assault next.

Blackberry Playbook, selling at $199

Last May, the media was calling Apple’s iPad the unbeatable market leader. In less than a year Apple has lost major market share to Android and RIM.

Deep price cuts, new smaller and larger tablet sizes, marketing and features and Microsoft Windows 8 will all erode Apple’s current dominant position with the iPad.  Continue reading