3 Editions of Windows 8 announced

The number of SKUs will be simplified at launch this fall – two on Intel computers and one for ARM mobile devices

Windows 8 Metro home (picture NJN Network)

On the Windows Blog Microsoft announced the three versions of Windows 8 that will ship, greatly simplifying the choice for consumers and business.

Windows 8
will be the consumer product. Enthusiasts and organization with networking will likely buy Windows 8 Pro. You won’t be able to buy Windows RT: it’s an OEM version for manufacturers of tablets, smart phones and other devices. Continue reading

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is faster than Windows 7 and Vista

Microsoft promised a more efficient operating system and they delivered with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview loads faster than Windows 7 and Vista, even on older computers

By Stephen Pate – With Microsoft aiming Windows 8 at mobile and desktop computers, the operating system had to get smaller and more efficient.

They succeeded with faster boot and restart times even on older computers.  This is impressive for a beta release which probably hasn’t been finally tuned for performance.

For desktops, a few seconds saved won’t add any productivity to an 8 hour day. Should that speed occur during processing, which wasn’t thoroughly tested, it could extend the performance life of 2-4 year old computers. Continue reading

Microsoft releases Windows 8 Guide for Business

Windows 8 offers enhanced security, network connectivity, multiple form factors, energy conservation, and Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 soft keyboard user interface

By Stephen Pate – While some will focus on the touch interface, there are substantial improvements in Windows 8 that addresses energy costs, organizational security and productivity both within the corporate network and through mobile access.  Continue reading