Agile IT

Since computers were first invented, we’ve been trying to become more productive and efficient. We are at the beginning of a new era of agile systems that promise more productivity at lower cost.

The new buzz words are iPad, smartphone, The Cloud and Agile development. These technologies represent exciting opportunities to provide a better user experience and build client satisfaction and the elusive client retention.

Technologies replace each other rapidly. Adobe Flash is on the way out and HTML5 is the replacement. Desktops will become less important as users both corporate and personal spend more time on mobile devices.

The desktop application is giving way to HTML coded front ends that link to cloud based data centers.

All of these opportunities present challenges to the status quo, change management, education, security and privacy issues.

We are here to help you discuss and navigate from where you are to where the market is going. We’ve been through several generations of technological and market changes.



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