Windows 8.1 – Bing Smart Search

A Bing search goes on forever, Kieran Snyder Microsoft, Team Leader Bing Team (Photo Microsoft)

A Bing search goes on forever, Kieran Snyder Microsoft, Team Leader Bing Team (Photo Microsoft)

Bing for Windows 8.1 creates a whole new experience for web searches, unlike any other. The Bing Product Manager gives an insiders look at how Bing will impact Windows 8.1

Blogging Windows – My name is Kieran Snyder, and I’m a Group Program Manager in the Bing User Experience team. I’m excited to tell you a little bit about our work with the Windows team to build what is one of the coolest and most visible improvements to Windows 8, and highlight a few of my favorite things, now that it will be broadly available to everyone tomorrow.  Continue reading

Tablet Market Diversifying Away From Apple’s iPad

Android and Blackberry have already made deep in roads in the iPad’s presumed invincibility Windows 8 is poised to make an assault next.

Blackberry Playbook, selling at $199

Last May, the media was calling Apple’s iPad the unbeatable market leader. In less than a year Apple has lost major market share to Android and RIM.

Deep price cuts, new smaller and larger tablet sizes, marketing and features and Microsoft Windows 8 will all erode Apple’s current dominant position with the iPad.  Continue reading

Smartphone apps to be replaced by HTML5

44% of 800 million Facebook users go online with a smartphone and incompatible websites are losing customers

Image digitalbuzz

From NJN Network – The world isn’t going mobile. It is mobile.

Internet sites that want to increase traffic need to migrate to HTML5. It’s new and takes some effort but that’s where the market will be.

Look around and everyone is on a smart phone. They are not talking. They’re connecting with Tweeter, Facebook and StumbleUpon and surfing the web. Continue reading