New Intel 520 Series SSDs outperform at marginal cost premium

New Cherryville series drives achieve high performance benchmark at slightly higher price than Intel’s SATA II 320 Series

By Stephen Pate – SSD drives have been getting faster and less expensive. Intel leads the performance race with its new SATA III 520 Series SSD drives.

SSD drives can boot Windows 7 and now Windows 8 in less than 20 seconds. Continue reading

Download Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The download is now available on official Microsoft site

By Stephen Pate – The official download site is Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview

We recommend the download only from Microsoft approved sites. Please note this is not a production version if Windows 8 and may cause your computer to function erratically.

Microsoft releases Windows 8 Guide for Business

Windows 8 offers enhanced security, network connectivity, multiple form factors, energy conservation, and Internet Explorer 10

Windows 8 soft keyboard user interface

By Stephen Pate – While some will focus on the touch interface, there are substantial improvements in Windows 8 that addresses energy costs, organizational security and productivity both within the corporate network and through mobile access.  Continue reading