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Chicago’s CIO moving to the Cloud

30,000 City of Chicago employees to convert to Office 365 on The Cloud

Brett Goldstein, Chief Information Officer, City of Chicago

Brett Goldstein, Chief Information Officer, City of Chicago (photo Code of America Creative Commons license)

The City of Chicago will be installing Microsoft Office 365 on the cloud for its 30,000 employees with an expected savings of $400,000 per year.

Brett Goldstein was hired in 2011 by newly elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make the City of Chicago more transparent and open.

In 2013, Goldstein is moving Chicago’s three mail systems to The Cloud with Microsoft Office 365.  Continue reading

Fujitsu blames Windows 8 for financial problems

Fujitsu president Masami Yamamoto blames 1 million unit drop in sales on Windows 8 but the problem is building the wrong boxes

Windows 8 start screen (photo TechRadar)

Windows 8 start screen (photo TechRadar)

The reality is that Fujitsu is not making computers that people want.

The tech media are falling all over themselves reporting the misleading statement by Fujitsu president Masami Yamamoto.

He said that Windows 8 has depressed sales of his company’s computers.

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Windows 8 Preview coming in 1st week of June and SkyDrive apps now

Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky drops news of Windows 8 Preview at Japan’s Windows 8 Dev Days along with new SkyDrive apps

Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky announces June Windows 8 Preview

The Windows 8 Operating System just got another page written when Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky dropped the shoe in Japan at Windows 8 Dev Days.

The new and hotly anticipated operating system will get another preview in the first week of June 2012.

There was not press release, no blog entry – just this photo posted on Twitter and the usual short Twitter message “Announce…Windows 8 Release Preview first week of June. Here’s the announce from Japan’s Windows 8 Dev Days.” Continue reading