Windows 8 Consumer Preview is faster than Windows 7 and Vista

Microsoft promised a more efficient operating system and they delivered with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview loads faster than Windows 7 and Vista, even on older computers

By Stephen Pate – With Microsoft aiming Windows 8 at mobile and desktop computers, the operating system had to get smaller and more efficient.

They succeeded with faster boot and restart times even on older computers.  This is impressive for a beta release which probably hasn’t been finally tuned for performance.

For desktops, a few seconds saved won’t add any productivity to an 8 hour day. Should that speed occur during processing, which wasn’t thoroughly tested, it could extend the performance life of 2-4 year old computers. Continue reading

Skype for Windows Phone Ships Beta

Free video calls over smartphones and it looks like Windows 8 Metro

Skype for Windows Phone beta

By Stephen Pate – Skype, acquired last year by Microsoft, has released the beta of its Windows Phone version and it looks like Windows 8 which will ship in beta on Wednesday.

Download the Consumer Preview of Windows 8

The beta allows free video and voice calls over 3G, 4G or WiFi networks. Apple’s Face Time video calling only works between Apple phones of WiFi.

Windows Phone users can download the beta from the Windows Phone application site.
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Windows 8 Live Mail integration succeeds where Gmail and Apple Fail

By integrating all user email accounts into one web client, Hotmail or Windows Mail makes managing email easy

By Stephen Pate, NJN – Only Microsoft Office and Windows Live mail can combine user mail accounts into one client and even one data file.

Download the Consumer Preview of Windows 8

Windows Live as a Microsoft brand will disappear when Windows 8 ships. Windows 8 Mail is a better product that integrates more smoothly with the operating system. Windows 8 will bring many new features for users that make it an upgrade to own.
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