Windows 8.1 – Bing Smart Search

A Bing search goes on forever, Kieran Snyder Microsoft, Team Leader Bing Team (Photo Microsoft)

A Bing search goes on forever, Kieran Snyder Microsoft, Team Leader Bing Team (Photo Microsoft)

Bing for Windows 8.1 creates a whole new experience for web searches, unlike any other. The Bing Product Manager gives an insiders look at how Bing will impact Windows 8.1

Blogging Windows – My name is Kieran Snyder, and I’m a Group Program Manager in the Bing User Experience team. I’m excited to tell you a little bit about our work with the Windows team to build what is one of the coolest and most visible improvements to Windows 8, and highlight a few of my favorite things, now that it will be broadly available to everyone tomorrow.  Continue reading

3 Editions of Windows 8 announced

The number of SKUs will be simplified at launch this fall – two on Intel computers and one for ARM mobile devices

Windows 8 Metro home (picture NJN Network)

On the Windows Blog Microsoft announced the three versions of Windows 8 that will ship, greatly simplifying the choice for consumers and business.

Windows 8
will be the consumer product. Enthusiasts and organization with networking will likely buy Windows 8 Pro. You won’t be able to buy Windows RT: it’s an OEM version for manufacturers of tablets, smart phones and other devices. Continue reading

Building your own computers and servers makes sense

Major corporations have joined users in building computers from parts, avoiding vendors like HP and Dell

Apple server farm

By Stephen Pate – Would it surprise you if Apple, Microsoft, Google and didn’t trot down to Office Depot or call Dell Corporate sales for their computers?

They don’t. Large corporations and users have found they can build better computers and servers that are targeted to their needs by selecting the parts themselves.  Continue reading