Facebook may not erase photographs

Facebook’s delay in erasing photos deleted by users is ongoing privacy issue

Burning those old Facebook photos (photo Ars Technica)

Users who delete their Facebook accounts have found their photographs still on the internet years later. The proper procedure is to manually delete each photograph or other post to your wall before you delete your account.

Privacy experts and users say Facebook has no timely mechanism to remove photographs and other private material from its servers. Continue reading

Facebook IPO demonstrates our willingness to give up privacy

845 million people willingly display personal photos, events and feelings making Facebook worth $100 billion

Mark Zuckerberg worth billions with our private information (illustration Business Insider)

The announced IPO of social media darling Facebook is putting out to pasture the old concept of privacy.

More people share more information on Facebook than the NSA and CIA have ever been able to collect in the years of their existence.

We do it willingly and regularly. Party pictures, new babies, wedding shots, that vacation in the Dominican Republic are all broadcast to strangers on Facebook.  Continue reading