3 Editions of Windows 8 announced

The number of SKUs will be simplified at launch this fall – two on Intel computers and one for ARM mobile devices

Windows 8 Metro home (picture NJN Network)

On the Windows Blog Microsoft announced the three versions of Windows 8 that will ship, greatly simplifying the choice for consumers and business.

Windows 8
will be the consumer product. Enthusiasts and organization with networking will likely buy Windows 8 Pro. You won’t be able to buy Windows RT: it’s an OEM version for manufacturers of tablets, smart phones and other devices. Continue reading

Windows 8 Learning the Touch Interface

This Microsoft video helps you learn the simple tricks that make Windows 8 navigation a breeze

By Stephen Pate – Once you get used to the few new navigation tricks in Windows 8 Consumer Preview it seems like second nature.

Watch the video and we’ll cover the basics after the story break.
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How to Install a Windows 8 Virtual Server

Testing the Windows Server 8 Beta is possible on a virtual server – here are step by step installation instructions

Windows Server 8 Beta Dashboard - Illustration Avolve TechnologyBy Edith Larkin, Avolve Technology – Microsoft is preparing a hat-trick with Windows 8 in 2012.

Microsoft plans to score three times  with Windows 8 for desktops, Windows Server 8 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

To test the new Windows Server 8 Beta, we set up a virtual server on a computer already running Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Win8CP)  Continue reading