Edmonton Journal welcomes new privacy commissioner

Let privacy commissioner be successful

Jill Clayton (Larry Wong, edmontonjournal.com)

Edmonton Journal– If Jill Clayton is as optimistic on her way out of the privacy commissioner’s chair as she was settling into it on Wednesday, there will have been serious changes made in the way Alberta’s government shares information with the public.

Because Clayton’s predecessor Frank Work was discouraged enough by the Ed Stelmach government’s penchant for secrecy, stonewalling and evasion that he blasted the Tories more than once as he left that office last year. 

“It is inexplicable why the province has been so slow in getting on board with open government,” Work wrote in a piece published by The Journal last July, mere months before he retired after 16 years in his various roles as commissioner of ethics, information and privacy. In what was widely considered a slap at Stelmach, Work cited “a lack of leadership at the provincial level with respect to access to information.”

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